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Highest Percentage of Names and Phone Numbers

Whether you are looking to personalize a mailer or require absolute precision in your telemarketing plan, iLead Marketing has your solution.

We take each address and run it through three separate reverse lookups in order to get the highest percentage of homeowner names and phone numbers.

First, we run that data through a standard White Pages* name and phone number append to gather homeowner information. This is data which is readily available to all marketing companies.

Second, when most companies would be satisfied with the White Page’s lookup, iLead Marketing continues to push the envelope. We take the addresses that did not return a name or phone number from the White Pages* and run that data through a highly efficient Telecom database which delivers a substantial percentage of homeowner information.

Third, we continue to pursue the highest percentage possible by using a public information database for the small amount of remaining addresses that we cannot find homeowner information on.

These three processes allow us to deliver a remarkably robust and accurate marketing report. On average, we include homeowner’s name 90 to 95 percent of the time. We are able to append phone numbers anywhere from 70 to 85 percent of the time. These percentages far outperform our closest competition.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, iLead Marketing is also able to run any telephone numbers that you would receive through the National Do Not Call Database. We can then highlight or remove any numbers that appear on the National or State Do Not Call Registries.