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"Platinum" Pending Leads

Platinum Pending is iLead Marketing's newest pre-mover service. It is a true breakthrough in pre-mover marketing. This service allows your company to target homeowner's right as their home is being removed from the market near the end of their home sale cycle.

Because they are much closer to completing their sale, they are also that much closer to making serious monetary decisions. This is a perfect time for many industries to target the home seller.

Home sellers are a unique and valuable marketing group. They will need to purchase goods and services from industries as varied as home improvement, moving and storage, mortgage, furniture, home cleaning and repair, home inspection, home security, and insurance services, just to name a few.

Also, home sellers are soon-to-be home buyers. This increases the marketing opportunity for your company as you can target the client for both their home selling and home purchasing needs.

Our Platinum Pending leads are put through an innovative 5-step cleaning process in order to remove out 60% of the homes that have no chance of bringing your company a sale. This attention to detail increases the effectiveness of your marketing plan while also saving your company money.

iLead Marketing has four separate plans to suit your need and budget:

Mailing List
  • Includes address, city, state, zip code and price of the home
  • The term "Homeowner" will appear to all recipients
  • Great for companies that wish to mail out their own postcards, flyers or brochures to potential customers
  • Our most cost-effective plan starts at just .35 per lead
Mailing List Plus
  • Includes the homeowner’s name, in addition to the address, city, state, zip and price of the home
  • Great for companies who wish to personalize their marketing message
  • This plan starts at just .40 per lead
Telemarketing List
  • Includes all the information above and the homeowner’s telephone number
  • Great for companies that focus on both mailing and telemarketing to potential customers
  • This is our most popular plan that starts at .45 per lead
Direct Mailing List
  • We mail your literature to the homeowner while you receive the telemarketing information so that you may pre-call and/or follow-up with the potential customer
  • This plan allows your salespeople to do what the do best: sell. We handle the printing, labeling, stamping and mailing of each piece so you don’t have to
  • This plan allows you to cover the lead from every angle and has proven to have the highest success rate in achieving appointments and sales
  • Our marketing lists and postcard mailings start as low as .51 per lead, not including the cost of the postcard. It also does not include the low bulk-postage rate which is typically 4 to 10 cents lower than regular postage costs