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iLead's Innovative 5-Step Cleaning Process

At iLead Marketing, we strive to outperform our competition and provide the single most valuable service in the industry – both today and in the future. To that end, we have created a five-step cleaning process that removes 60% of leads that have no chance of bringing your company a sale.

iLead offers you the key to better sales

Our competitors will run their data through one, maybe two of these steps and call their data 'scrubbed' or 'cleaned'. Don't be misled. Unless your data is being placed through each of these five steps it is not as accurate as it should be. And that inaccuracy costs your company serious resources.

Our commitment is to remove 60% of the data while delivering a marketing report that will meet or exceed your current appointment/sales rate. Only iLead Marketing will make that claim. No other company will make a guarantee even close to that. And no other company will allow you to test their data free of charge in order to prove their point.

iLead’s 5-step process saves your company on several different levels:

  • First, you don't purchase the poor quality leads up front.
  • Second, your postage costs will be significantly reduced by sending out fewer postcards while still receiving the same amount or even more sales.
  • Third, your marketing costs for postcards, ink, paper, envelopes and any number of other will be notably lessened.
  • Finally, your company's labor costs will be markedly diminished.

Imagine sending out 60% less marketing material, spending 60% less time and effort and still outperforming your competition. iLead's five-step process makes it possible. Here's how…

Step 1. Our cutting-edge database eliminates all duplicate addresses. Few companies realize that nearly 10% of all leads in a given week are re-listings. With iLead's superior database technology, you'll never have to worry about receiving duplicate leads.

Step 2. We run each address through the premier quality USPS (US Postal Service) software to append a nine-digit zip code and to ensure the highest delivery success rate possible.

Step 3. This is easily the most important step in the process. No other company but iLead marketing performs to this level of detail. Our employees display each and every home on their computer and remove all undesirable leads: new construction, vacant homes, bankruptcies, corporate homes, flipped homes, estate sales – any home that will not bring your company a sale is removed.

Step 4. We run each address through another database to remove homeowners who have already moved. This important step will reduce your postcard return rates.

Step 5. Each phone number, whether you are receiving telemarketing information or not, is run through a National Telecom Database to remove disconnected and pending phone numbers. This is another step that removes a large percentage of leads but that most of our competitors completely ignore.